Site of Impact: Polarities & Prepositions

A collaborative project between Shiloh Jines & Leila Weefur.
This collaborative project consists of
twelve letterpress prints, along with this
chapbook.  This book is for those of you
who will never see the prints, or those
who will only carry this book as a memory—
as a key or continuation of a dialogue.
Know that each movement
(in/out, on/off, up/down) implicates
your body as you move through the time
& space of binaries. & because every
body is not this or that & because these
terms we’ve created are exclusionary &
destructive, hold close the symbol of the
ampersand and its critical role. It is located
in the corners of our prints, insisting
on a non-binary space—an act of
binding, linking & cinching opposites.