Blackberry Pastorale: Symphony No.1

Video Installation at KALA Art Institute Fellowship Exhibit, 2017

Music "Fantasie Negre" composed by Florence Beatrice Price

Blackberry Lexicon, Letterpress and Blackberry Ink on Paper

Yusef Yomunyakaa's Blackberries, inkless intaglio print on paper

A Pastoral Hanging, 8 Button-ups

BLACKBERRY PASTORALE: SYMPHONY NO. 1, explores the meanings of the Black femme anatomy. This video work constructs a narrative through the landscape of the blackberry fruit, with accompanying print works that consider the pulp of the blackberry as a tool for mark making. It commemorates and criticizes the presentation of Blackness through the symbolic history and racialized language of the Blackberry fruit. The body is read like a text where interpretations are drawn based on signs, symbols, and culture. Through excavating literary structures & musical compositions, I explore the kindred history of Blackberries with Black bodies and the language that has developed around the relationship between beauty and shame, admiration and contempt. The blackberry like the black body has been harvested and transformed into something animal.