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Video: Off/Out/Down, 2016, Three-Channel video

3 of 6 videos featured in This/Their/Our,  an installation in the 2016 Mills MFA Thesis Exhibition

Installation View: Letterpress Prints, Chapbook, Sculpture and Video

The title of this exhibition is inspired by a recent keynote address at the 2016 AWP by Claudia Rankine where she changed a word in the last line of her poem “Sound & Fury” from ‘this’ to ‘their’ and verbally to ‘our’. The line originally reads in The New Yorker, “In daylight this right to righteous rage doubles down the supremacy of white in this way.” However, on the slide of her presentation at AWP she stated that the emphasis on the word 'our', versus 'this', supports her idea that all people are implicated in racism. Similar to what Rankine was addressing, my work is concerned with the poetic revision of language and how that speaks to the reimagining of Black bodies.